सडक आश्रित मानव मुक्त अभियान नेपाल

What we do

Street begging is the last resort for poor people. While the individuals have physical, mental, psychosocial limitation & are living without basic care, food & shelter, we are there to facilitate & provide essential food & safety items. It will help to reunite them with family & prevent suicidal conditions.

We provide psychosocial support, identify his/her potentiality, train as per his/her interest & boost to integrate in society in a dignified way. We work with federal government, provincial & local communities to provide them pragmatic, loving and supportive care.

Quality care

Everyone strives for quality life. Every human has the right to care for other people & to be cared for meaningful life. Quality care means a safe and caring environment to grow and reach full potential. We work with communities and states to provide a loving home for them who need alternative care and to prevent family breakdown.

Alternative care

If we find orphans, helpless & uncared for children, we collaborate with child charity organizations to provide quality care. We will work with government bodies to provide other alternative foster care in community setting where the child could develop in expected manner.

Strengthen families

Family is the foundation of happiness. If the family is in crisis, it cannot operate and serve properly. Therefore, we build capacity of family with skill, resource & network. We prepare them in sustainable development goal (SDG) format with basic income, rest, entertainment for happy life.

Advocate for street people's rights

We build trust with different stakeholders & lobby, maintain our stand for street begging people. We encourage our target group, street people, to actively take part in the decision-making processes that affect their lives and speak up for themselves.

Teach and train

Begging is psychological & physical status. Psychological beggars are almost everywhere who may be financially sound but lack mutual trust, hope & dream. They expect regular love, concern, care & regular support from other people. Physical beggars are normally socio-economically deprived.

Quality training transforms unacceptable life pattern into acceptable one. SAMMAN primarily targets needy & venerable population, train livelihood skills, empower them as per their basic interest & potentiality & support to live independently in sustainable manner. It aims to work as a bridge between psychological & physical beggars.